Departmental profile

Date of establishment:  2009


To be a dynamic, an inclusive and competitive center of excellence in teaching, learning and service to humanity.


To provide quality education among students.

To develop research aptitude among learners.

To promote learning habits, scholarship oriented people, innovation and creativity.

Faculty Profile:

Name Highest Qualification Designation Profile
Dr. Aashiq Hussain Lone M.Com Ph.D, NET/JRF/ SRF,
RA-IIM Ahmadabad
Head of the Department View Profile
 Mr. Majid Rehman Khuroo M.Com, NET Assistant Professor  
 Dr.  Ishfaq Ahmad Thaku M.Com, Ph.D, JRF  Lecturer (Contr.)   


(a)Permanent: 2  (b) Contractual: 01

Last three years result statement of B. com 1st, 2nd and 3rd year

Year Class Total Roll Passed Pass %age
2011 1st year 73 36 49.3%
2nd year 45 21 46.6%
3rd year 42 36 85.71%
2012 1st year 53 20 37.7%
2nd year 63 39 61.9%
3rd year 54 32 59.25%
2013 1st year 70 62 88.5%
2nd year 50 23 46.00%
3rd year 57 48 84.21%

Head of the Department:
Dr. Ashiq Hussain Lone

Cell: +91-959-66666-88